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Freda’s Cauldron I

eye 1Greetings. My name is Freda Hanoman, but they call me the Witch in the Woods. Right now I am gazing at you through the trees. Our eyes are meeting for the first time, and yet you need not be afraid … I will not harm you, and you can’t hurt me.

I remember the first time I eye gazed with a stranger. It is written in the final chapter of Nescada: Kindler of Flames. It was just like this. A powerful psychic connection that rooted me to the land beneath my bare feet, and the cool, dank air I intook into my body. It ignited within me visions of things past and farsight into a future we will soon share.

Aedan-AvaI still don’t know what his real intention was that day, but I sensed no ill will and I am certain I will meet with Aedan Simmons once again. Have you ever felt such a connection? I have revisited it in my mind and explored it within the inner landscape of me. Look what I have found; let me show you …

When eyes meet, it is the reaching of souls across time. There is an eagerness to greet another, and yet a fear too, at what you’ll find. An unseen and auric pathway is cut across that time, a bridge built betwixt the two that bonds you, that draws you together into infinite Awareness.

In a place not a place, in a time not a time, all else falls away, until nothing remains but that awareness, that shared closeness, that powerful psychic connection. How can you not feel this? It is impossible to not feel it, and this is why we look away, the moment it happens, most of the time. The immediacy and intimacy of such a thing defiles reason, leaves us overwhelmed, and vulnerable.

eye 2But to dare is power, and so we must dare, for it is in that courage – in the wisdom it brings, the will it ignites and the silence that follows – we grow. Let us gaze into the void, and let the void look back into us. Close your eyes and see. Breathe. Let go. In the quiet of the woods, I am watching. In the silence of the trees, I will wait for you. Come with me. Let us begin.

Look into the onyx-green mirrors of my eyes. Relax. Everything but those eyes is falling away from you. Everything is falling but you are still. Nothing else is here, but something is revealed. What is it? What do you see? What is this thing unfurling between us? Where will it lead? … Who is here?

This is our connection, and all connection leads us deeper into who we are. This energy is peaceful, this energy cannot harm you, and it will not harm me. It is the energy of wonderful to meet you, of I see you, of do you see me? … I am glad that you are here.


From The Author V

Hey there. It’s been a while I know, and I’ll tell you why. I have been very tired. The push to complete Kindler of Flames, book one of The Mythstories of Nescada novel series, took far more out of me that I had realized or cared to admit at the time. It felt like postpartum depression, with my intrinsic motivations fluctuating all over the place not unlike hormones after pregnancy.

Looking back now on the last few weeks, especially the ones directly following her completion, I feel justified in likening my state of mental exhaustion to that of a new mother in the aftermath of her first birthing. I had spend hours into the night, into the light of new dawnings, pushing and pushing and pushing to have her completed by my intended deadlines. Until finally she was done, and she was finally here.

And I’ve been so tired ever since I could hardly hold my head up, not even to say hi to those who have been by to visit. Couple that with the fact that I am a first-class overachiever and you had a lot of my page and website activity, including this blog and assorted promotionals, taking a hard hit from the maelstrom that was me finally completing my first novel; a near 15-year effort culminated at last in a singular and beautiful end.

I just didn’t want to stop until I wanted to stop, and that was right up until I had to stop. The downtime forced upon me by sheer weariness gave me pause to reflect upon a great many things, things that are still difficult to admit, and accept. However in the name of being honest, I am forced to admit and accept them. So here goes.

  • It is okay to get tired
  • It is okay to take a breath
  • It is okay to not be perfect (a part of me wants to backspace right about now).
  • It is not okay to half-ass things indefinitely.
  • It is not okay to procrastinate with your dreams.
  • It is not okay to not enjoy the process and pursuit of said dreams.
  • I have a lot more ideas than I have time and money at my disposal.
  • I am systematic but not necessarily as organized as I probably should be.
  • None of these things are going to stop me from trying to execute each and every one of those ideas perfectly no matter what.

I needed that second wind, to reflect on these things, and to focus on things still to come. I needed that second wind to get ready. I can’t promise perfection with the recommencement of page and website activity, but I can promise an improvement, which is a lot more realistic. I look forward to it all – to driving her publication home … and to placing her printed form with care into your hands.

Speaking of our girl, this week saw the insertion of the final edits for the last seven chapters. She is fully edited, complete, and ready for formatting. Every ounce of my gratitude to Nathalie Andrews of Girl and Cat Publishing for sacrificing some of the prep-time for her holiday in Japan to get those chapters done for me before she left, so that I could have Kindler of Flames prepped for publication by the time she returns.

So what now? Besides formatting and publishing, I have a few fun page activities scheduled to start in May, some grand-scale promotionals leading up to the launch date at Animekon 2015, and a couple book trailers, commissioned artwork and cosplays, oh my! to finish you off. I haven’t forgotten my promise of sweet treats for those of you subscribed to the monthly Sanctum of the Spiral newsletter either; these, along with other giveaways and opportunities are sure to come in the months to follow AK.

As for our Nescadian newsletter, since it is halfway through April there will be no newsletter for March. Rather than tuckering myself out preparing one for you now with the latest news and updates, I will postpone it until April’s end, where it is sure to tear you in half with the sheer meatiness of all the things I should have to report to you in two weeks time.

That being said, not only have I received the last edited chapters from Nathalie but the latest character illustrations from Rivenis, which you may feast your eyes on here, in the gallery, or in the event you haven’t read this blog, wait until tomorrow with the rest of rabble :P. Those of you magnificent enough to be here, and to have gotten this far however, I thank you with all my heart.

Saeris’ Laboratory V

Hi! This is Saeris; welcome to the Laboratory! You’ve been reading my blog long enough to know by now that I’m a happy kinda bean, and if you haven’t because you are one of our latest readers, extra-special welcomes for you 😀

That’s today’s subject by the way – happiness – and as with all things, there must be a science to it! Let’s see if we can observe from my own experiences, just how one would go about replicating my results. This is an experiment, people! Lab coat on, gloves and goggles pulled tight, questions first, safety second and adventure always!

Happiness. There are those who would define it as love, success, wealth, and my personal favourite, adventure. But there is a difference between the superficial happiness rippling along the surface of an individual pushed along by primarily external forces, and the deep joy that wells up from within other people originating from a more innate spring.

So where does it all begin? Not with love of people or money or things or even new experiences. Nope. It starts with self. When you are alright with you, it gives you permission to be alright with everybody else. Even The Author advocates a healthy sense of self-love and self-worth before all else. Not just a love of one’s societally value-judged “good” qualities, but a love of who and how you are naturally, both the bad and good alike, without judgement, yours or anyone else’s.

Being radically honest about who and how you are despite the acceptance of others, will authenticate and liberate you to feel a happiness they can never know until they practice the same. Own your flaws, embrace them, for they are as beautiful as your strengths. In some cases, they are your strength. Don’t allow anyone to define who and how you are. I’m well aware I behave more like twelve than twenty-nine years old. I’m also well aware that the opinion of anyone who perceives this as a shortcoming is a reflection of their flaws, and not my own.

happinessI find the way you personally relate to others is also a significant litmus test of your happiness as well. Whether its family or friends or tall, skinny, scrumptious hit men with claret-coloured hair and piercing ice blue eyes …. ahem … if you need a relationship, chances are you aren’t truly happy. A truly happy person doesn’t need much that isn’t sustained from the inside. If you have a void to fill that you can’t fill on your own, how happy can you really be?

I’ve observed that life is made of lessons, and the basis of those lessons is change. I happily look forward to new lessons as a student of the cosmos. Its veiled mysteries and their constant change and flux is a macrocosm for the change innate in my own existence. All changes are myriad adventures just waiting to be explored, experienced … savoured.

Truly happy people don’t feel small in the presence of others. As The Author once said in her blog post on idols and ideologies: If the only way you can feel free is to make other people your enemy, you are broken. Nothing is wrong with competition so long as you can sincerely celebrate the successes of those you are competing against. Good-natured rivalry can be inspiring and motivational in the presence of potentiality and the absence of pettiness. Celebrating the accomplishments of those that push you and drive you to be the very best version of yourself is a lot more fun than being middling and uninspired when it comes to attaining life goals of your own.

the bestAll my life I have been bullied, picked on and teased for my height. Most numen are tall, willowy beings, but at 4″9′ I was a pygmy, a runt. Wallowing in victimization and self-pity does not create the feeling state of happiness within us, which we ultimately all just want to feel. We should be strengthened by the pressures that existence puts on us. Pinning the “Poor me” badge on with pride, and entitlement to sympathy from others, does not render us half as well-made as when we forge ahead on our own path, blazing despite the manner in which fortune has favoured us. We have to make our own fortune.

I always seize the day, for the day is made of many moments, and each moment is now. Constantly new, constantly beginning.The day never ends because even in the darkest hour of night, fresh starts can be awakened. Inhabit your moments. Be present in your now. Occupy your days, not your history or your expectations, just now. Everything that is happening now, is doing so for a reason. What will be is the only thing that can be. That is the paradox of living, for there’s every possibility until the moment in question, and its singular, selected possibility, passes by.

Trust that the cosmos are friendly, that life as you know it isn’t out to get you. You can do that, you can do anything, if you want to strongly enough. Smash through all obstacles in your way with an understanding that obstacle courses were meant to be both challenging AND fun; or just walk flippantly around said obstacles because you’re boss by nature 😉

earthWithdrawing and cowering from life experiences with others isn’t the sign of a happy person. Worrying about anything isn’t evidence of happiness either. There are ways and unconventional, creative means of doing whatever you want to do with your life, of pursuing your passions, of accomplishing your purpose. In fact it is orthodox thinking that cripples said creativity. So what if the plan doesn’t go … according to plan? There are endless ways to go about achieving the same if not better results. That’s science. All you need to do is discover and explore those possibilities for yourself. Then do yourself a favour, and pick your favourite one. You deserve it 🙂

The earth laughs in flowers. Whether you laugh in words or images, dance forms or paintings, song or sculpture or fact sheets, let your happiness flow. Explore yourself for solutions, the way you would the world outside of you. Happiness is an inside job. Empower yourself like nebula, and let that intrinsic power suck the world in like a wormhole, transporting them – and you – to somewhere new, and phenomenal. That’s the solution; happiness is the result. All you need to have is the will and the desire to take it and to claim it. Happiness is a gift you give to yourself, from within yourself. And I’m happy to have written this for you. Until next time let mad sciency stuff prevail, and have a wicked-sick adventure on me! 😀

From The Author IV

On Thursday, the 5th of February, 2015, I completed the manuscript for my first novel, Nescada: Kindler of Flames. Even more than the joy, more than the thrill of that accomplishment, I felt … the relief. For there were times when I honestly thought she would never happen. There were times I had stopped working on her for years at a time. Times I thought maybe I wouldn’t actually finish her; and maybe she was never meant to be.

I began the Kindler of Flames manuscript on Wednesday, the 22nd of August, 2001. I wrote the first five chapters, the entire eight-chapter volume entitled House of Neotar, and the majority of what is now the last chapter, during my second year at the Barbados Community College. It was to chronicle, narrate, filter and adapt my experience with social segregation at that institution. I was an inexperienced seventeen year old girl, and I fell in love with a boy beyond my social schema.

The entire experience was so surreal, so beautiful and bittersweet, I wanted to capture it, to contain the mystery and the magick of it in a jar for only my eyes to see, whenever I took it out and peered at its light in secret. Needless to say I didn’t considering publishing what I had written at the time. Needless to say also, that my inexperience didn’t only extend into my love life, but also into my writing itself. For years I considered what is now the final chapter to be chapter three instead.

During the course of those years – four in all I believe – I put her away from me in order to complete my undergraduate studies at The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill campus. That boy followed me there, and it took me seven years to detach myself from all that he had come to mean. By that time Nescada had taken on a life of her own, hardly even recognizable as her own origin story anymore.

Now she re-experienced the journey of Taerah Talavereis, an ice-hearted lunar deity, who travels across an entire star system – with a crew of unlikely and compelling companions – to face an ancient, otherworldly terror. Filtered through my fantastical sensibilities, those early life experiences at BCC, had now become the stuff of dreams, of melancholia and of myth.

I picked at her throughout my first two forays into the field of employment, the first being at The Barbados Advocate newspaper, the second at its sister company, Barbados Broadcasting Services – a local radio station. However it wasn’t until I met Sean ‘Testament’ Abbott, my husband, that I truly felt driven to focus on her with the single-minded intent to not only complete her, but to share her with the rest of the world.

Every mother loves her child, but there are moments of accomplishment on the child’s part that are truly special to her parent, filling them with untold pride and joy. I love Nescada, every single word, but I believe its the treatment of her thematic content that is her piece de resistance. Themes of alienation, isolation, loneliness and disconnection, of bitter hatred and being outcast, of being looked down upon and never seen. Themes of violation; the violations we allow, and the ones we have no choice in or control over.

Those are my themes, mine personally, and I got to explore them through myriad facets of my own personality. For I can be as ice-hearted as Taerah and as loyal as Xaeviere, as bubbly as Saeris and as kind as Kasura, as shy as Bentin, as violent as Rae, as wily as Sajhi, as depraved as Cero, as egotistical as Aedan, and as otherworldly as Sylvan. Needless to say Driana Devane gets her unadulterated badassery from moi too 😉

There are worlds within me, and worlds without, worlds only I can see, and it is my pleasure to open their gaetwaighs to you. The world as I see it in Nescada is not so different from the one I see here; as a matter of fact those worlds are influenced and inspired by this one, with specific emphasis and focus on the national islands of the Caribbean: St. Lucia, Venezuela, Dominica, Grenada, Trinidad, Haiti and my very own Barbados.

So what’s next? … A Year of Reading. Following is the list of #Readables I’ve compiled for the next 365 days of nothing but pure, undiluted, blissed-out reads; I’ll still be writing a bit, mostly reviews for the books I intend to devour, and blogging like this of course, but rather than rushing home from work to write Nesc, I’ll be rushing home to workout and read instead. Two recreational pastimes I sorely miss and need, especially working out, if I am to successfully, physically portray Taerah’s slender, subtle curves. My curves are not … subtle >.<

A Year of Reading

  1. Omar Kennedy, The Soltreian Chronicles
  2. Ross Chase, The Children of Promise
  3. Nathalie Andrews, The Thief of Red Mountain
  4. Ryk Brink, Michael’s Bones
  5. Tobias Buckell, Assorted
  6. Neil Gaiman, Assorted
  7. Brian Rathbone, Assorted
  8. Ben Galley, Bloodrush, Written
  9. Nat Russo, Necromancer Awakening, Road to Dar Rodon
  10. Cheryl S. Mackey, The Immortals
  11. Sebastien de Castell, Traitor’s Blade
  12. Daniel Arenson, Moth, Dragons Lost
  13. Patrick Rothfuss, The Slow Regard of Silent Things, The Name of the Wind
  14. Joe Abercrombie, Half A King
  15. Peter V. Brett, The Painted Man
  16. Robert Cargill, Dreams and Shadows
  17. Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus
  18. Nick Harkaway, Angelmaker
  19. Justin Cronin, The Passage
  20. Sarah Pinborough, Assorted
  21. Orson Scott Card, The Lost Gate
  22. Will Wight, Assorted
  23. David Eddings, Pawn of Prophecy
  24. David Mitchell, The Bone Clocks
  25. Michael G. Manning, Thornbear
  26. Lev Grossman, The Magicians
  27. K. Jemisin, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
  28. Cherie Priest, The Inexplicables
  29. Joanne M. Harris, Gospel of Loki
  30. Naomi Foyle, Astra
  31. Stephanie Saulter, Gemsigns
  32. Assorted, Gods & Dragons
  33. Assorted, Epic
  34. A. Ray, The Saga of Menyoral
  35. Catrina Taylor, Birth of an Empire
  36. Margie Mack, Through the Woods
  37. Sourichi, The Scriptling
  38. Ann Hunter, Assorted
  39. VixenScarletta, Sa’Kreska
  40. XenaraDaolftan, Memories From Evil’s Land
  41. MewMewLuna7, Paranormal Detective: The Amnesiac Vampire
  42. Lostling, lostling, Writing Destiny
  43. RaeRivers, The Keepers: Sienna
  44. AsherTensei, Mana (Book One of The Mana Saga)
  45. Dcakers, Haven: A Stranger Magic (Book 1)
  46. Bdicocco, Control
  47. Lydiamillet, The Fires Beneath the Sea (A Novel)
  48. LucasJWJohnson, Azrael’s Stop
  49. JessicaBFry, Tue-Rah: Identity Revealed
  50. ZoraidaCordova, The Vicious Deep (Book 1)
  51. Dgladeroute, The Great Sky
  52. FebruaryGrace, Of Stardust

Between the numbered fifty-two and all the assorteds, this is a list of approx. one hundred books to read between now and February 2016, when I will begin the prep work for Nescada: Order of Evenwen, scheduled to officially commence in August of that year. In the meantime I have a pretty girl to get dolled up for the ball; for her publication and launch at Animekon Expo VI: Fantopia, 2015; for her betrothal into the world of hardass literary critics and lifelong fans and crewmen!

Anyway, I think I’ve prattled on for long enough, so … Welcome to Nescada, little one. Where there is beauty in chaos and decay, and you can never outrun it. Where you are a child of El, the Primodial, and you have nothing to fear. Where you can be a Kindler of Flame, and maybe even be a Keeper of Worlds. This story, she is a song I’m singing for you, and I hope her melody is all you were waiting for … And as always, thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read this 🙂

Saeris’ Laboratory IV

beautifulHi there! ‘Tis I, Saeris, resident pint-sized wonderball and biotechnologist of K. L.’s Kindler of Flames, and tonight I’d like to talk of other pint-sized wonders across the worlds, Nescada and Eorthe alike. I’m talkin’ about the hidden wonders, the secret miracles of the spheres, or as you would say, of the planet.

Every Qymn and Shyph in Nescada knows, that you gotta hang upside down to alter your perspective. Not literally – though that’s hella-fun too – but figuratively, furtively, changing one’s viewpoint without batting an eye, to change how you see the thing you are viewing.

clearNow in your world, you have technology that can virtually alter your perspective on wonders too small for your naked eyes to see. But in our world we just have better eyesight, sight that can quicken things or elapse them, magnify them or shrink them down, for us to observe exactly what is going on.

Do you think you see everything the world holds? Are the worlds alive for you? I don’t mean the individuated bio-diversities of flora and fauna, but the spheres and planets themselves. Do they live? Do they breathe? Do they move? What about think and feel?

creativeOnce you understand the microcosm of creation, you can the macrocosm as well. Every world can start to observe, to adapt and to create powerful technologies that work in alignment with that world’s natural design. For example, the nanoflies of Lasan were Taino’s inspiration for our space orb, Pagona.

And I bet that your dragonflies would be wicked-sweet inspiration for how you will fly in the future as well. Nature is beautiful across the worlds; mimic her designs, and your life experiences will be the same.

From The Author III

iForgive. I attended a Webinar recently hosted by Little Stone Bridge Pathworkings, ran by my priest and dear friend the Rt. Rev. Lord Terry Power and his Lady, Robin McKean, a holistic health coach. They both helped me through a recent and really difficult period in my life, when a family member with whom I had myriad unresolved issues died in a sudden, senseless, tragic way that broke my heart when I thought of how easily it could have been avoided, and the part I played, however unwittingly in her passing.

iForgive. The ‘i’ is common because it is humble. I am not a humble existence. I am more like the dawning sun, always arriving. One of my favourite sayings is “You gotta have pride.” Spiritually, I’m born of faeries and of dragons. And it’s hard not to see your ‘I’ capitalized, not to see yourself as the best damn thing, when you are. Despite being a whole universe, in each infinite moment, there is only ever enough room within me for one emotion at a time, and humility is seldom it. Combine that pride with my other stellar qualities of perfectionistic and judgmental, and I’m afraid forgiveness gets the same great treatment as humility.

iForgive. I’m not forgiving. I hold decade-long grudges with ease. Do you know a single faerie that forgives? I don’t. (Godmothers don’t count, no one does anything to them anyway.) And to top it all off I don’t see anything wrong with any of that, and I’m not sorry. In fact, I have very few regrets. As such I have no idea where this blog post is going. I’m just typing out loud, I guess. With all that being said though, I’m sure you can imagine when Robin began to speak on humility and imperfection, how I smiled to myself at the notion.

I’m in such an interesting place in my life. It’s so important to beware of you, of the qualities you possess that others think are flaws, and the ones you actually agree with said others, are. Everyone who knows better by now, knows that I am smug and passive-aggressive. They should also know I’m affectionate and passionate, empathetic and kind, generous and grateful. It’s a faerie thing. Because I’m not one thing or another. Rather I’m everything and nothing as I please. Like the wind. And above all, I’m at peace with that dichotomy and that paradox.

So how does someone who is proud, perfectionistic, judgmental, unforgiving, smug, flawed, passive-aggressive, unapologetic and for good measure selfish with a questionably healthy dollop of jealous, forgive themselves for being the reason another person died? Something tells me, that like this post, it’s a work in progress. You see, regardless of what anyone may think of me for whatever reason they may think it, I am a staunch believer in accepting personal responsibility. Because doing so frees me. It is absolutely freeing to say I possess any given flawed quality and to be alright with that.

Without that intrinsic movement towards defense and justification and excuse, the pressure to either explain myself or meet the expectations of others is lifted from me. It is a fact that people will do what they want they want, regardless of your feelings, so I’ve quit my job of trying to influence their psycho-emotional processes. And yes, that is as freeing as it sounds. It is equally freeing doing whatever I want, regardless of theirs. Needless to say this doesn’t apply to those I treasure, but rather to those I cannot. Still, it’s a little different when someone dies as a result of your philosophical outlook.

How can iForgive myself knowing that the flawed qualities I embrace and accept within myself led to someone’s death? How can I free myself from that? It’s a box of rocks as Terry would say. It would weigh down my soul if I let it. Most days I’m successful in putting it from my mind completely. Not just refraining from thinking of it, but living in a world where it didn’t happen at all. That’s my super-power. Memory loss. Ironically another little nugget of which I am quite proud. But back to the point, how can I let go of the guilt and the shame that goes hand in hand with what has happened, with life and death and zero take-backsies?

How do I release it from me, not for days, but for life? How can I embrace the few things I genuinely hate about myself, the way I do the things I cherish? How can I see the value of losing someone, simply to learn a lesson? I abhor losing. I’ve fought so hard against those who dislike me, that the thought of disliking myself makes my heart sad. I don’t know how to let go, as I’ve only ever done it out of unhappiness, and so seldom out of the need to not feel guilty. I guess that has to do with that ‘having very few regrets’ bit I mentioned earlier.

It’s a stepping stone on a little stone bridge. The point of this post was never to provide solutions for either myself, or, if you’re in a similar situation, for you. The point of this post was to type out my thoughts, to reflect on them as I type, to use it as a kind of sounding board, to see what new discoveries I could unearth and explore within myself. Perhaps to give you insight into me, and perhaps to see in what way I could move forward, into that distant land of Forgiveness, and draw it closer to the worlds in which I romp and wreak havoc now.

They are such curious things, flaws and forgiveness, and as faerie, that curiosity is all I need to begin. If you feel compelled to share your own, tell me what they are, and thank you for taking the time to read this. It means a lot that you’ve reached this far, and it is appreciate it … as are you. Thank you too, to both Robin and Terry for the invitation to the Webinar that was the catalyst for these thoughts and this blog post ❤

Saeris’ Laboratory III

Heya! It is I, Saeris M. Leone, one of the resident biotechnologists in K. L. Abbott’s debut science fantasy series, Nescada. And I’m here to talk science and stuff with you lovely lot today! This post is coming to you earlier than usual because tonight The Author has a date with her girlfriends and the local two-man band Kite at Lime Cafe. If you ask nicelike I might even tell you what that shiny new M in my name stands for some day too 🙂

Knicks also needs to put in a spot of writing for Kindler of Flames before she has to leave, so she’s letting me have at it on the keyboard right now, tapping away to my heart’s content. But I’m not really hitting anything, am I? Right now what I’m feeling beneath the pads of my finger tips isn’t really hard, and the term plastic is but a linguistically-applicable placeholder in your framework of accepted knowledge – in short it is a word, but it is certainly not a reality.

what you seeHow scary is it to consider what really is? And by scary I mean wicked-awesome! In your world, physicists have already begun to explore the connection between the structure of energy and matter. In so doing they realized that matter was immaterial, an abstraction interacting with the mind as concrete fact. And its such a challenge not to see it that way when you touch something, and it refuses to give way to the pressure you apply, almost as if exerting a counter-pressure of its own.

reality Everything is energy. It is simply a matter of how dense the energy is, rather than how hard the physical object in question. Atoms, the builders of creation itself, are composed of energy vortices in constant spiral and flux, each radiating its own individuated energy signature, just like the souls in Nescada. Because of this, if we really want to examine anything, we need to examine its energy on an anatomic level, rather than its ‘solidity’ on a physical one. Not that there is any difference between the two beyond what we perceive.

The world is far more wondrous and mysterious than some might perceive it to be, and I for am interested in exploring that mystery, discovering that wonder. I invite you to do so with me. When I examine the composition of an atom under a microscope I can see a tiny but visible vortex of energy, like a little energetic maelstrom beneath the lens, composed of infinite, even tinier swirly vortices known as photons and quakes. And guess what I see when I look even closer still at the atom’s structure? Nothing! It is a perfect physical void, just like the Ythrosphyr when in outer space, actually just like outer space, period. ^_^

the boxTo summarize the atom has no physical structure, only an energetic signature. So if everything is composed of atoms, how then could physical structure truly exist? It doesn’t. There is no tangible matter. Everything is energy. Even you … What? Don’t believe me? It is perception than tells you the world is hard, when in truth the world is empty, waiting for the same perception, your consciousness to fill it up. It cannot and does not exist the way it does outside of our own subjectivity, our perception filter if you will. Reality is not an assembly of physical parts but a web of energetic fields spiralling outwards into infinity and nothingness.

Isn’t that the most beautiful thought to conceive? It’s even more beautiful, I imagine, to perceive it as the Elanai do. Energy begets and affects energy. If you want to change the world around you, dwell not on physical things, but on the energy of you, and the energy beyond the perception some might have of reality as concrete, tangible and immutable. On a subatomic level have you any idea how much power you have to assert change in all reality as you perceive it?

scienceWhen an atom change its state, it absorbs and emits powerful electromagnetic frequencies, which are responsible for changing the state of other atoms beside it causing a reflective ripple effect of identical change within them. If there is anything you wish to change in your life, in your reality – fortune, love, luck, success – all you need do is exert the power of your subjective perception on it and perceive it as you will it to be. Because it’s the same for the mind-soul, as it is for the body-physical. A change in you, will affect a change in your world, and it will be the same change. Experiment on it, fellow scientist … I think I’ll call you a Leonite! May your results reflect my own and until I see you next time, have a wicked-sick adventure! 😀

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