eye 1Greetings. My name is Freda Hanoman, but they call me the Witch in the Woods. Right now I am gazing at you through the trees. Our eyes are meeting for the first time, and yet you need not be afraid … I will not harm you, and you can’t hurt me.

I remember the first time I eye gazed with a stranger. It is written in the final chapter of Nescada: Kindler of Flames. It was just like this. A powerful psychic connection that rooted me to the land beneath my bare feet, and the cool, dank air I intook into my body. It ignited within me visions of things past and farsight into a future we will soon share.

Aedan-AvaI still don’t know what his real intention was that day, but I sensed no ill will and I am certain I will meet with Aedan Simmons once again. Have you ever felt such a connection? I have revisited it in my mind and explored it within the inner landscape of me. Look what I have found; let me show you …

When eyes meet, it is the reaching of souls across time. There is an eagerness to greet another, and yet a fear too, at what you’ll find. An unseen and auric pathway is cut across that time, a bridge built betwixt the two that bonds you, that draws you together into infinite Awareness.

In a place not a place, in a time not a time, all else falls away, until nothing remains but that awareness, that shared closeness, that powerful psychic connection. How can you not feel this? It is impossible to not feel it, and this is why we look away, the moment it happens, most of the time. The immediacy and intimacy of such a thing defiles reason, leaves us overwhelmed, and vulnerable.

eye 2But to dare is power, and so we must dare, for it is in that courage – in the wisdom it brings, the will it ignites and the silence that follows – we grow. Let us gaze into the void, and let the void look back into us. Close your eyes and see. Breathe. Let go. In the quiet of the woods, I am watching. In the silence of the trees, I will wait for you. Come with me. Let us begin.

Look into the onyx-green mirrors of my eyes. Relax. Everything but those eyes is falling away from you. Everything is falling but you are still. Nothing else is here, but something is revealed. What is it? What do you see? What is this thing unfurling between us? Where will it lead? … Who is here?

This is our connection, and all connection leads us deeper into who we are. This energy is peaceful, this energy cannot harm you, and it will not harm me. It is the energy of wonderful to meet you, of I see you, of do you see me? … I am glad that you are here.