Hey there. It’s been a while I know, and I’ll tell you why. I have been very tired. The push to complete Kindler of Flames, book one of The Mythstories of Nescada novel series, took far more out of me that I had realized or cared to admit at the time. It felt like postpartum depression, with my intrinsic motivations fluctuating all over the place not unlike hormones after pregnancy.

Looking back now on the last few weeks, especially the ones directly following her completion, I feel justified in likening my state of mental exhaustion to that of a new mother in the aftermath of her first birthing. I had spend hours into the night, into the light of new dawnings, pushing and pushing and pushing to have her completed by my intended deadlines. Until finally she was done, and she was finally here.

And I’ve been so tired ever since I could hardly hold my head up, not even to say hi to those who have been by to visit. Couple that with the fact that I am a first-class overachiever and you had a lot of my page and website activity, including this blog and assorted promotionals, taking a hard hit from the maelstrom that was me finally completing my first novel; a near 15-year effort culminated at last in a singular and beautiful end.

I just didn’t want to stop until I wanted to stop, and that was right up until I had to stop. The downtime forced upon me by sheer weariness gave me pause to reflect upon a great many things, things that are still difficult to admit, and accept. However in the name of being honest, I am forced to admit and accept them. So here goes.

  • It is okay to get tired
  • It is okay to take a breath
  • It is okay to not be perfect (a part of me wants to backspace right about now).
  • It is not okay to half-ass things indefinitely.
  • It is not okay to procrastinate with your dreams.
  • It is not okay to not enjoy the process and pursuit of said dreams.
  • I have a lot more ideas than I have time and money at my disposal.
  • I am systematic but not necessarily as organized as I probably should be.
  • None of these things are going to stop me from trying to execute each and every one of those ideas perfectly no matter what.

I needed that second wind, to reflect on these things, and to focus on things still to come. I needed that second wind to get ready. I can’t promise perfection with the recommencement of page and website activity, but I can promise an improvement, which is a lot more realistic. I look forward to it all – to driving her publication home … and to placing her printed form with care into your hands.

Speaking of our girl, this week saw the insertion of the final edits for the last seven chapters. She is fully edited, complete, and ready for formatting. Every ounce of my gratitude to Nathalie Andrews of Girl and Cat Publishing for sacrificing some of the prep-time for her holiday in Japan to get those chapters done for me before she left, so that I could have Kindler of Flames prepped for publication by the time she returns.

So what now? Besides formatting and publishing, I have a few fun page activities scheduled to start in May, some grand-scale promotionals leading up to the launch date at Animekon 2015, and a couple book trailers, commissioned artwork and cosplays, oh my! to finish you off. I haven’t forgotten my promise of sweet treats for those of you subscribed to the monthly Sanctum of the Spiral newsletter either; these, along with other giveaways and opportunities are sure to come in the months to follow AK.

As for our Nescadian newsletter, since it is halfway through April there will be no newsletter for March. Rather than tuckering myself out preparing one for you now with the latest news and updates, I will postpone it until April’s end, where it is sure to tear you in half with the sheer meatiness of all the things I should have to report to you in two weeks time.

That being said, not only have I received the last edited chapters from Nathalie but the latest character illustrations from Rivenis, which you may feast your eyes on here, in the gallery, or in the event you haven’t read this blog, wait until tomorrow with the rest of rabble :P. Those of you magnificent enough to be here, and to have gotten this far however, I thank you with all my heart.