Hi! This is Saeris; welcome to the Laboratory! You’ve been reading my blog long enough to know by now that I’m a happy kinda bean, and if you haven’t because you are one of our latest readers, extra-special welcomes for you 😀

That’s today’s subject by the way – happiness – and as with all things, there must be a science to it! Let’s see if we can observe from my own experiences, just how one would go about replicating my results. This is an experiment, people! Lab coat on, gloves and goggles pulled tight, questions first, safety second and adventure always!

Happiness. There are those who would define it as love, success, wealth, and my personal favourite, adventure. But there is a difference between the superficial happiness rippling along the surface of an individual pushed along by primarily external forces, and the deep joy that wells up from within other people originating from a more innate spring.

So where does it all begin? Not with love of people or money or things or even new experiences. Nope. It starts with self. When you are alright with you, it gives you permission to be alright with everybody else. Even The Author advocates a healthy sense of self-love and self-worth before all else. Not just a love of one’s societally value-judged “good” qualities, but a love of who and how you are naturally, both the bad and good alike, without judgement, yours or anyone else’s.

Being radically honest about who and how you are despite the acceptance of others, will authenticate and liberate you to feel a happiness they can never know until they practice the same. Own your flaws, embrace them, for they are as beautiful as your strengths. In some cases, they are your strength. Don’t allow anyone to define who and how you are. I’m well aware I behave more like twelve than twenty-nine years old. I’m also well aware that the opinion of anyone who perceives this as a shortcoming is a reflection of their flaws, and not my own.

happinessI find the way you personally relate to others is also a significant litmus test of your happiness as well. Whether its family or friends or tall, skinny, scrumptious hit men with claret-coloured hair and piercing ice blue eyes …. ahem … if you need a relationship, chances are you aren’t truly happy. A truly happy person doesn’t need much that isn’t sustained from the inside. If you have a void to fill that you can’t fill on your own, how happy can you really be?

I’ve observed that life is made of lessons, and the basis of those lessons is change. I happily look forward to new lessons as a student of the cosmos. Its veiled mysteries and their constant change and flux is a macrocosm for the change innate in my own existence. All changes are myriad adventures just waiting to be explored, experienced … savoured.

Truly happy people don’t feel small in the presence of others. As The Author once said in her blog post on idols and ideologies: If the only way you can feel free is to make other people your enemy, you are broken. Nothing is wrong with competition so long as you can sincerely celebrate the successes of those you are competing against. Good-natured rivalry can be inspiring and motivational in the presence of potentiality and the absence of pettiness. Celebrating the accomplishments of those that push you and drive you to be the very best version of yourself is a lot more fun than being middling and uninspired when it comes to attaining life goals of your own.

the bestAll my life I have been bullied, picked on and teased for my height. Most numen are tall, willowy beings, but at 4″9′ I was a pygmy, a runt. Wallowing in victimization and self-pity does not create the feeling state of happiness within us, which we ultimately all just want to feel. We should be strengthened by the pressures that existence puts on us. Pinning the “Poor me” badge on with pride, and entitlement to sympathy from others, does not render us half as well-made as when we forge ahead on our own path, blazing despite the manner in which fortune has favoured us. We have to make our own fortune.

I always seize the day, for the day is made of many moments, and each moment is now. Constantly new, constantly beginning.The day never ends because even in the darkest hour of night, fresh starts can be awakened. Inhabit your moments. Be present in your now. Occupy your days, not your history or your expectations, just now. Everything that is happening now, is doing so for a reason. What will be is the only thing that can be. That is the paradox of living, for there’s every possibility until the moment in question, and its singular, selected possibility, passes by.

Trust that the cosmos are friendly, that life as you know it isn’t out to get you. You can do that, you can do anything, if you want to strongly enough. Smash through all obstacles in your way with an understanding that obstacle courses were meant to be both challenging AND fun; or just walk flippantly around said obstacles because you’re boss by nature 😉

earthWithdrawing and cowering from life experiences with others isn’t the sign of a happy person. Worrying about anything isn’t evidence of happiness either. There are ways and unconventional, creative means of doing whatever you want to do with your life, of pursuing your passions, of accomplishing your purpose. In fact it is orthodox thinking that cripples said creativity. So what if the plan doesn’t go … according to plan? There are endless ways to go about achieving the same if not better results. That’s science. All you need to do is discover and explore those possibilities for yourself. Then do yourself a favour, and pick your favourite one. You deserve it 🙂

The earth laughs in flowers. Whether you laugh in words or images, dance forms or paintings, song or sculpture or fact sheets, let your happiness flow. Explore yourself for solutions, the way you would the world outside of you. Happiness is an inside job. Empower yourself like nebula, and let that intrinsic power suck the world in like a wormhole, transporting them – and you – to somewhere new, and phenomenal. That’s the solution; happiness is the result. All you need to have is the will and the desire to take it and to claim it. Happiness is a gift you give to yourself, from within yourself. And I’m happy to have written this for you. Until next time let mad sciency stuff prevail, and have a wicked-sick adventure on me! 😀