beautifulHi there! ‘Tis I, Saeris, resident pint-sized wonderball and biotechnologist of K. L.’s Kindler of Flames, and tonight I’d like to talk of other pint-sized wonders across the worlds, Nescada and Eorthe alike. I’m talkin’ about the hidden wonders, the secret miracles of the spheres, or as you would say, of the planet.

Every Qymn and Shyph in Nescada knows, that you gotta hang upside down to alter your perspective. Not literally – though that’s hella-fun too – but figuratively, furtively, changing one’s viewpoint without batting an eye, to change how you see the thing you are viewing.

clearNow in your world, you have technology that can virtually alter your perspective on wonders too small for your naked eyes to see. But in our world we just have better eyesight, sight that can quicken things or elapse them, magnify them or shrink them down, for us to observe exactly what is going on.

Do you think you see everything the world holds? Are the worlds alive for you? I don’t mean the individuated bio-diversities of flora and fauna, but the spheres and planets themselves. Do they live? Do they breathe? Do they move? What about think and feel?

creativeOnce you understand the microcosm of creation, you can the macrocosm as well. Every world can start to observe, to adapt and to create powerful technologies that work in alignment with that world’s natural design. For example, the nanoflies of Lasan were Taino’s inspiration for our space orb, Pagona.

And I bet that your dragonflies would be wicked-sweet inspiration for how you will fly in the future as well. Nature is beautiful across the worlds; mimic her designs, and your life experiences will be the same.