Heya! It is I, Saeris M. Leone, one of the resident biotechnologists in K. L. Abbott’s debut science fantasy series, Nescada. And I’m here to talk science and stuff with you lovely lot today! This post is coming to you earlier than usual because tonight The Author has a date with her girlfriends and the local two-man band Kite at Lime Cafe. If you ask nicelike I might even tell you what that shiny new M in my name stands for some day too 🙂

Knicks also needs to put in a spot of writing for Kindler of Flames before she has to leave, so she’s letting me have at it on the keyboard right now, tapping away to my heart’s content. But I’m not really hitting anything, am I? Right now what I’m feeling beneath the pads of my finger tips isn’t really hard, and the term plastic is but a linguistically-applicable placeholder in your framework of accepted knowledge – in short it is a word, but it is certainly not a reality.

what you seeHow scary is it to consider what really is? And by scary I mean wicked-awesome! In your world, physicists have already begun to explore the connection between the structure of energy and matter. In so doing they realized that matter was immaterial, an abstraction interacting with the mind as concrete fact. And its such a challenge not to see it that way when you touch something, and it refuses to give way to the pressure you apply, almost as if exerting a counter-pressure of its own.

reality Everything is energy. It is simply a matter of how dense the energy is, rather than how hard the physical object in question. Atoms, the builders of creation itself, are composed of energy vortices in constant spiral and flux, each radiating its own individuated energy signature, just like the souls in Nescada. Because of this, if we really want to examine anything, we need to examine its energy on an anatomic level, rather than its ‘solidity’ on a physical one. Not that there is any difference between the two beyond what we perceive.

The world is far more wondrous and mysterious than some might perceive it to be, and I for am interested in exploring that mystery, discovering that wonder. I invite you to do so with me. When I examine the composition of an atom under a microscope I can see a tiny but visible vortex of energy, like a little energetic maelstrom beneath the lens, composed of infinite, even tinier swirly vortices known as photons and quakes. And guess what I see when I look even closer still at the atom’s structure? Nothing! It is a perfect physical void, just like the Ythrosphyr when in outer space, actually just like outer space, period. ^_^

the boxTo summarize the atom has no physical structure, only an energetic signature. So if everything is composed of atoms, how then could physical structure truly exist? It doesn’t. There is no tangible matter. Everything is energy. Even you … What? Don’t believe me? It is perception than tells you the world is hard, when in truth the world is empty, waiting for the same perception, your consciousness to fill it up. It cannot and does not exist the way it does outside of our own subjectivity, our perception filter if you will. Reality is not an assembly of physical parts but a web of energetic fields spiralling outwards into infinity and nothingness.

Isn’t that the most beautiful thought to conceive? It’s even more beautiful, I imagine, to perceive it as the Elanai do. Energy begets and affects energy. If you want to change the world around you, dwell not on physical things, but on the energy of you, and the energy beyond the perception some might have of reality as concrete, tangible and immutable. On a subatomic level have you any idea how much power you have to assert change in all reality as you perceive it?

scienceWhen an atom change its state, it absorbs and emits powerful electromagnetic frequencies, which are responsible for changing the state of other atoms beside it causing a reflective ripple effect of identical change within them. If there is anything you wish to change in your life, in your reality – fortune, love, luck, success – all you need do is exert the power of your subjective perception on it and perceive it as you will it to be. Because it’s the same for the mind-soul, as it is for the body-physical. A change in you, will affect a change in your world, and it will be the same change. Experiment on it, fellow scientist … I think I’ll call you a Leonite! May your results reflect my own and until I see you next time, have a wicked-sick adventure! 😀