Hello hello! It’s me, Saeris Leone, lead biotechnologist in K. L. Abbott’s Kindler of Flames! The Author apologizes for such a late blog post, and sincerely intended for me to write it earlier in the day, but I’m a bit of a clutterhead what with working on Solaris Dei, and she’s been busy too, working on the final chapter of Nescada. In fact she’s taking a break right now to supervise this glorious blogspedition, so without further ado – because we both need to get back to it – here’s today’s topic for disco — I mean discourse … Music! 😀music1

Now I love music, and so too I think, do a lot of my fellow crewmen. My acolyte Bentin, has a beautiful singing voice, and I’m not to shabby with a cute warble myself. Sajhi plays a mean harmonica for a smug little >.< … and Sirius’ flute still haunts my dream even though it’s been over a month since I first heard it, ever since that night … The Author loves music too. In fact, she’s insisting right now – as she looks over my shoulder – that I tell you … Nescada is a song she’s singing just for you.

We love music, because we’re creators. Bentin and I hypothesize and we test, we make medicines and treatments and vaccines. We create cures. We still don’t know what Sirius’ MO is as yet, but we do know that Sajhi can create a whole heap of trouble when he gets into it with Lebra, and we do know that The Author created us. Whether it’s trouble or technology or worlds, we all yearn to create, and every creation is a song we sing. Speaking of which here’s my personal unofficial theme song down below. Its Cats on Mars by Gabriela Robin. I hope you love it! 😀

*stops twirling to type* Music is awakening and empowering and healing and transformative. It brings balance and alignment with self where there was none, and unlike with any other creative medium. It’s beautiful and it’s sacred. There’s nothing like music you love first thing in the morning, nothing more powerful than the sound of it in your head as you go about your day, and nothing can shift you from one stage of your life to another like it. Music is what I turn to when my day sucks rocks, and even when it doesn’t.

It’s what I listen to when I dance, even when I can’t hear it with my ears cuz I hear it in my soul. I graduated from the All Saints State University of Medical Herbaria on Chloséi with a distinction that I credit solely to music … and cramming. When we aren’t in the lab setting life on fire, Bentin and I busy ourselves bonding over songs we both love. In fact as a surprise bonus here is her personal unofficial theme song now. It’s Suzanne Vega’s Solitaire, and this one is live, and so on fire. I can’t wait for you to meet her! Bentin I mean, not Suzanne 🙂

And that’s the beat! Thanks for passing by the lab today, and until next time, set the worlds on fire to the soundtrack of your life 😀