Hi! I’m Dr. Saeris Leone, head biotechnologist in K. L. Abbott’s Nescada: Kindler of Flames, here to talk science … sort of. Well I’m here to talk at any rate. It’s the start of a brand new year for you, when you get to meet us, so that’s where I’ll begin. Fresh. I don’t mean I’m going to reintroduce myself again, I mean life, y’know? Living it fresh, and new, and minimally, every day.

10906118_917619341611889_850115626485116135_nThink about all the things around you that you’ve come to identify with as yourself. Would it break your heart to let them go? Would it be like losing a piece of you? What would life be like without them? Empty? Or would it be … open? To new possibilities, to new things to treasure, and new clutters to cherish. Here’s a fun fact speaking of cherish, that was initially my name. Cherish Leyonne … so glad it didn’t work out 🙂

What do you value most? Is it timeless, or passing? What do you consider significant? Is it trending or changeless? Can you see these things through the clutter of your current living? Do you want to see things clearer? Your dreams are intangible and priceless, but your material possessions, while something to hold onto, and sometimes for a lot of money, aren’t really priceless at all if you know what I mean, not in the same way at least.

My Author is a lot of a pack rat, and she believes it hereditary. But I value a minimalist approach to life, and am inspired by others who are too. Each new moment is a potential life just waiting to begin, and for each moment I take to clear out something old, from my lab, from my mind, from my heart, I get to live countless lives from the space left behind which they inhabited. I want to inhabit my moments. To be present. To be aware of me.

10897878_916508421722981_3264348934085035968_nTo become the priceless significances and dreams that I treasure the most. To live whole new lives and see whole new worlds and have whole new adventures. That’s why me and my acolyte Bentin left Chloséi and boarded the Pagona Orb. To experience and evolve beyond the experiences and evolution, the things and the values, we had amassed living in one place for our entire lives.

There is so much fun and freedom and creativity in openness, and I want it. So much inspiration and passion in letting go as well as taking in and building up. And so much meaning and value in the old lines  ‘Less is more’  and ‘quality over quantity’. I want it all. I want to make that shift, every day. The question is … do you? Tell me in the comment section below what you want for your new year! Your new moment. Your new life.

And thanks for stopping by. Until next time, mad sciency genius will out! 😀